Change doesn't just happen....It only comes with fresh NEW ideas!!


Mark Freiberg

Council member
Eden Prairie, MN

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The Platform

Serving The Community


   37 year homeowner in Eden Prairie 

Sitting Member of  the Eden Prairie City Council


Past member of Eden Prairie  Planning Commission

Past Member of Eden Prairie Heritage Preservation Commission 2013-16

Member Eden Prairie Historical Society

Member Eden Prairie AM Rotary Club

United By A Common Goal


"Real People need .....Real Solutions!                                        " It's Time"  


When we unite and embrace  "NEW IDEAS"  we can solve "Real Problems" affecting all of us

and get down to finally solving the lingering issues facing our city.  I believe "It's Time" to think beyond the box with a new vision  to solve "Today's Problems!"

 "It's Time" to Embrace your "INNER POWER"  and be heard!!!                 !


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   "Real Solutions for Real People"


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